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Autore: Andrea Panteghini
Titolo: Numerical simulations of multipass wire drawing processes 

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Wire drawing is an important technique in metal manufacturing industry.
This process involves the reduction of the section of a metallic wire by successive passes through a set of conical dies.
Cold-drawn wires have a wide range of structural applications: for example as reinforcement in prestressed concrete and in tyres, or for cableway cables, and for suspension bridge cables.
Presently, the wire drawing process is designed using very simple analytical models, or by means of simplified finite element models, which, in most cases, can simulate correctly only a single-pass process.
The goal of the present work is the simulation of a real industrial multipass drawing process, by means of advanced tools of computational mechanics, in order to predict the residual stress profiles and to study their influence on the final mechanical properties of cold-drawn wires.